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[personal profile] zvi2009-06-23 03:07 pm

Drive By Cool Reporting

If you don't personally know a cool hunter to talk to about making Dreamwidth better, you can leave a comment here. The cool hunters are interested in:
  • Ways you use Dreamwidth that the site wasn't really designed for
  • Ways Dreamwidth makes it difficult or tedious to do things you want to do
  • Tools you use from outside of Dreamwidth to make things happen on Dreamwidth
  • Tools your friends are using on other blogging sites, personal publishing sites, electronic diaries, etc. that you wish we had on Dreamwidth
You don't have to tell cool hunters things, of course. If you have a clear idea of how to make DW better, you're probably better off telling [site community profile] dw_suggestions. But if all you know is that "It's too hard to do X," comment here to tell a cool hunter. We're here to serve as a cool to developer translation service.

Please put a subject on your comment! This makes it much easier for me to properly corral the reports in gmail.
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Do you want to start hunting?

If you would like to be a cool hunter, instead of just reporting cool things on the open form, fill out some trial cool reports. When you have a certain number of good reports (starting out, I'm looking for three), I'll add you to the comm.

The most important skill is distinguishing between a cool report and a bug report. Cool reports are enhancements, and they're usually spotting users doing something the software was not designed to do. (They can also be spotting other software doing something you think our software should let you do.)

Bug reports are about flaws, they're when the software is not doing the things it was designed to do, or when it does them extremely poorly. Bug reports should be submitted to Support.

This is an example cool report. )