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still kind of a stealthy love ninja ([personal profile] zvi) wrote in [site community profile] dw_coolhunters2009-03-31 05:14 pm

Do you want to start hunting?

If you would like to be a cool hunter, instead of just reporting cool things on the open form, fill out some trial cool reports. When you have a certain number of good reports (starting out, I'm looking for three), I'll add you to the comm.

The most important skill is distinguishing between a cool report and a bug report. Cool reports are enhancements, and they're usually spotting users doing something the software was not designed to do. (They can also be spotting other software doing something you think our software should let you do.)

Bug reports are about flaws, they're when the software is not doing the things it was designed to do, or when it does them extremely poorly. Bug reports should be submitted to Support.

This is an example cool report.

What kind of Cool?
System Hack

What is the Cool?
Notify people why you deleted your journal

Where is the Cool?
Example URLs: http://community.livejournal.com/deleting-my-lj/

What do they call it?
Deleting My LJ

FLAG: Name Inappropriate for DW

Whose Cool is it? Design Personas
Betty Broadcast, Patty Passionate

How do they do that?
Post in the community before deleting the journal, so there's a publicly visible record.

How should Dreamwidth do it?
Create an official deleting-my-dreamwidth comm and include it in the FAQ.

What else should we know?
Sometimes people flame the deleting person, if they think the reason for their deletion is stupid. May need to moderate comments.

The actual planned implementation turns out to be letting people put a note on their Deletion Notice page. That's fine. Cool hunting does not mean writing design specs. We want you to concentrate on finding new cool. Let the developers worry about how to make Dreamwidth cooler.